About Kingdom of Doctors


About Kingdom of Doctors

Kingdom of Doctors is a licensed training and postgraduate guidance agency specialized in the healthcare sector dedicated to raising the level of competency and awareness within the field and the community. In addition to that, the agency supports healthcare facilities to pass the CBAHI Accreditation process by providing consultations and preparatory courses. It was established as a joint venture with Al Salam Hospital in Ar Riyadh.


The pioneering agency in subduing the gaps of healthcare knowledge and excelling it within the Arab region.


To facilitate healthcare practitioners towards fitting postgraduate opportunities, and to offer up to date, relevant and quality medical training, and to spread primary healthcare awareness, all to develop and increase the knowledge, skills, and professional performance within the healthcare sector and the community. Offering consultation services and preliminary training to insure the readiness of healthcare establishments for CBAHI accreditation.


  • To provide a wide range of exemplary Continuous Medical Education (CME) initiatives, including: conferences, workshops, simulates, and Maintenance of Certification (MOC) programs.
  • To enable medical students and residents enrolled in post-graduation programs to sustain the required level of knowledge and skills needed within their medical specialty.
  • To constantly grow and sustain our Research and Development Department (R&D) in order to maintain our knowledge-base in a way that preserves its relevance with the current medical field.
  • To build robust collaborations with international, well-respected academies and universities in the medical field that are held in high regards, so that we may bridge them with those who seek both clinical and academic medical programs.
  • To help starting local researches with their scientific tools and research methodologies and biostatistics through well-known local research centers in Saudi Arabia.
  • To promote the primary healthcare awareness among the local community.
  • To assess the establishment in relation to the requirements of CBAHI by experienced consultants and initiating a report to the responsible personnel after reviewing any previous CBAHI reports if available.
  • To form a CBAHI task force team involving the hospital director, department heads, concerned staff and some of the agency’s experts and to train the task force utilizing a wide range of courses and seminars in order to promote quality and comply with accreditation standards.
  • To prepare the healthcare facility so that the standards of CBAHI are appropriately implemented in its procedures, protocols and documents and making the necessary changes.

Facility Management and Safety (FMS):

  • Fire Safety Management.
  • Haz-mat Management.
  • Waste Management.
  • Healthcare Facility Management.
  • Security Management Program.
  • Internal Disaster Management.
  • External Disaster Management.
  • Laser Safety.
  • Hazard and Vulnerability Assessment (HVA)
  • Fire Drill Evaluation
  • Internal Disaster Drill (Mega Fire Drills)
  • External Disaster Drill
  • Chemical Spill Drill
  • FMS Of CBAHI Standards (Explanation)

Infection Control:

  • Infection Control Plan.
  • Standard precaution.
  • Transmission based precaution.
  • Environmental Management.
  • Healthcare Worker Medical Check-up.
  • Infection Control in specific Conditions.

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