Basic Endodontic Course


This course will cover comprehensively the understanding of all materials used in rotary endodontic, along with the clinical knowledge related to the field. The course will also cover topics pertaining to the general properties and characterization of materials. Hands on sessions and adequate clinical practice will be provided,  an introduction to the theory and practice of Endodontic. It presents the fundamental principles of the treatment of pulpal and periradicular disease. Along with the Endodontic Technique Laboratory Course, it prepares the candidate to provide clinical endodontic treatment.

– provides an endodontic coaching programme for dentists:

  • teaches the biology of endodontic disease
  • demonstrates and discusses contemporary endodontic techniques, using an evidence-based scientific approach
  • is delivered by the simply endo team of dentists and clinical assistants
  • this results in predictable endodontic care of the highest quality Participants will develop:
  • an understanding of the aetiology of endodontic disease
  • the ability to assess the likely prognosis for successful endodontic treatment
  • the ability to carry out an appropriate treatment with a high degree of predictability They will:
  • experience the use of rotary canal preparation techniques and thermal obturation systems
  • appreciate the importance of both apical and coronal seals
  • understand the difficulties of retreatments and concepts such as resorption
  • understand the management of trauma They will also:
  • experience the very latest and evidence-based endodontic opinions
  • be in an excellent position to make valid diagnosis and choose appropriate treatment plan
Time Activity      Speaker
7:30 -8:00 Am Registration  
8:00-9:00 Am Endodontic diagnosis : concepts and practice Dr Ayman
9: 00 – 10: 00Am optimal cleaning and shaping with Ni Ti instruments  
10:00 – 10:15  Am Coffee Break Dr. Ayman
10:15- 10:45 AM Endodontic  flare up: prevention and management Dr. Ayman
10:45 – 11:30 Pm iRace Lecture  
11:30 – 12:00 Pm Post Test and Certificate Distribution Dr. Ayman
12:00 – 2:00 PM Prayer Break Dr. Ayman
12:00-1:30 Group  iRace Hands on Dr. Ayman
1:30-3:00 Group2 iRace Hands on Dr. Ayman