Dental Pharmacology


This One-day course is designed to develop an understanding of the theoretical concepts surrounding pharmacology, such as the pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of drugs, and the concepts surrounding pharmacotherapy among the Dental professionals. This course provides health care professionals work in acute care, long-term care & community interested in enhancing their knowledge and skill with best practices. It gives specific information concerning the basic terminologies associated with pharmacology, the anti-biotic drugs and its classifications, Analgesics given before any Dental treatments, Local and Topical anesthesia, Inhalation or Oral Sedative agents as well as common examples in each category. With each classification of drugs covered, their mode of action, their clinical effects and side effects will be emphasized.

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Provide healthcare professionals with up to date knowledge, in order to develop the necessary skills to understand the pharmacology.
  • Provide an educational framework that facilitates the dissemination of best practice of the Dentist.
  • Describe and define the basic terms and concepts of pharmacology.
  • Outline the description and mode of action and side effects of various antibiotics used during the Dental Treatments.
  • Describe about the effects, mode of action and side effects of various Analgesics.
  • Describe about the indications, mode of action of the Local and Topical Anesthesia.
  • Describe about the effects of inhalations and oral sedative agents.
  • Able to prescribe the correct dose and the duration of treatment for the patients.
  • Provide knowledge about the Drug Information Centers in Saudi Arabia.
  • Provide CME on Pharmacology made easy for the Dentist.
0800-0815 Registration and pre- test  
0815-0915 Introduction of Pharmacology 1-      Basic terminology used in pharmacology2-      Concepts of pharmacology MOHAMMED AL MOHAINI
0915-1000 The use of Antibiotics 1-      Indication of Antibiotics2-      Mechanism of action of Various antibiotics

3-      Side effects of antibiotics

4-      Prophylaxis of antibiotics

Dr. Talal H Bokhamsen
1000-1030 Coffee Break
1030-1200  The use of Analgesics 1-      The effects of Analgesics2-      Mode of Action of Analgesics

3-      Side effects of Analgesics

1200-1300 Prayer and Lunch Break    
1300-1330 Inhalations and Oral Sedative Agents 1-      Indications of inhalations and oral sedative agents2-      Its Mechanism of action

3-      Its Side effects

1330-1430 The use of Local and Topical anesthesia 1-      The effects of Local and Topical anesthesia2-      Its Mode of Action

3-      Its side effects

Dr. Talal H Bokhamsin
1430-1500 Coffee Break    
1500-1600 How to deal with other medications 1-      Ways to deal with patients taking other medications following biological disorders like diabetes and Hypertension,Etc. MOHAMMED AL MOHAINI
1600-1645 Practical implementation using software 2-      Appropriate Selection of Software and practical implementation MOHAMMED AL MOHAINI
1645-1700 Drug information centers in Saudi Arabia Knowledge about various Drug Information Centers in Saudi Arabia MOHAMMED AL MOHAINI