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About Kingdom of Doctors

The Kingdom of Doctors for Health Consultancy and the Kingdom of Doctors Center for Training and Health Development are seeking to be one of the pioneers of the continuous professional training and medical development industry in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Arabian Gulf, by providing developmental and rehabilitation training courses and programs aimed at raising the level of professional efficiency and improving the level of technical and administrative performance expected after Providing courses and training programs for all levels of education in various health, medical, technical and administrative fields.  We seek to develop the resources, training competencies and creative topics in the Kingdom of Doctors Center for Training and Health Development. We also strive to enhance the technical and administrative skills in the modern knowledge, adopting an organized training strategy based on the scientific method based on Proofs, and adhere to scientific standards to measure the impact of training for the training programs offered. We believe that we should select educational & training competent and experienced trainers to provide the up to date courses, programs and topics in the field of training, development and human development in order to ensure the quality of services provided. The scientific committees undertake a study and survey of the needs of the medical, to create more contacts with health and medical institutions, universities and medical and administrative training centers with experience in the areas of Training in order to keep up to date with the movement of progress in the field of training and human development.  In order to facilitate the development of knowledge and experience for those who wish to develop and enhance their knowledge, skills and experience they required, we have launched in a steady step to bring together all those interested in training and development in the medical and administrative fields and facilitate effective communication methods for the quality of various training and development processes. The fruits of mature minds, excellent training, and creative experiences.

The establishment of the Kingdom of Doctors for Training and Health Development is one of the contributions of the Kingdom of Doctors for Health Consultancy, which is part of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030. The vision focuses on three axes, which are the pillars of comprehensive sustainable development. In its forefront is the social axis, which is to build a vibrant society with solid values ​​and solid construction. Here is the importance of training and development of human resources in medical and health capabilities to be able to improve the quality of health and medical services, and to build an effective health system that works in an innovative manner in line with the Kingdom’s strategy, vision and mission.


In addition, kingdom Of Doctors has expanded their line of services in the following areas: –

  1. Post Graduate Coordination Services Center specialized in the healthcare sector dedicated in raising the level of competency and awareness within the field and the community.
  2. CBAHI & JCI Quality Assurance for Health Facilities Training to Support healthcare facilities to pass the CBAHI & JCI Accreditation process by providing consultations, preparatory courses, surveys, Policies & Procedures in all standards.
  3. Certified Basic Life Support Training Center (BLSTC) from American Heart Association (AHA).
  4. Scientific & Medical Research Training Center, to support health and medical researchers to lead them for the premium scientific research papers.
  5. Community Services Responsibility Department, to support the local community in several areas, such as health awareness campaigns and public presentations.
  6. Electronic Learning Medical Center
  7. Medical Educational Training Programs Development Center
  8. Medical Board Preparations & Training Center

In addition to that, Kingdom of Doctors has a joint venture agreement with several hospitals and medical training center certified and authorized from Saudi Commission for Health Specialties.


To be Leader and Excellence Medical Knowledge Hub In 2020, in providing and delivering training, education and continuous medical development in Saudi Arabia and in the Arabian Gulf through integrated and interactive services from one location.


To facilitate healthcare practitioners towards fitting postgraduate opportunities, and to offer up to date, relevant and quality medical training through our Continuous Professional Development (CPD), and to spread primary healthcare awareness, all to develop and increase the knowledge, skills, and professional performance within the healthcare sector and the community. Offering consultation services and preliminary training to insure the readiness of healthcare establishments for CBAHI accreditation.


  1. Collaboration & Cooperation
  2. Quality
  3. Commitment
  4. Initiative
  5. Creativity
  6. Mastery
  7. Social Responsibility

Objective :

  1. To provide a wide range of exemplary Continuous Professional Development (CPD)such as; conferences, workshops, simulates, and Maintenance of Certification (MOC) programs.
  2. To enable medical students and residents enrolled in post-graduation programs to sustain the required level of knowledge and skills needed within their medical specialty.
  3. To constantly grow and sustain our Research and Development Department (R&D) in order to maintain our knowledge base in a way that preserves its relevance with the current medical field.
  4. To build robust collaborations with international, well-respected academies and universities in the medical field that held in high regards, so that we may bridge them with those who seek both clinical and academic medical programs.
  5. To help starting local researches with their scientific tools and research methodologies and biostatistics through well-known local research centers in Saudi Arabia.
  6. To promote the primary healthcare awareness among the local community.
  7. To assess the establishment in relation to the requirements of CBAHI by experienced consultants and initiating a report to the responsible personnel after reviewing any previous, CBAHI reports if available.
  8. To prepare the healthcare facility so that the standards of CBAHI & JCI are appropriately implemented in its procedures, protocols and documents and making the necessary changes.

Message from the President

I extend my warm welcome to all of our distinguished strategic partners, from speakers, doctors, academic establishments and other highly esteemed partners, and we urge you to be a valuable factor in ensuring that all healthcare professionals are continually kept up-to-date with the latest developments in the medical sector, and ready to meet the constantly changing needs of the medical community. We are committed to facilitating and providing a wide variety of medical events, programs, research engagements, training courses and workshops.

It provides a unique opportunity for university leaders, educators, experts and scholars of higher education from all over the region and worldwide to convene and share novel ideas on crucial issues and trends in higher medical education development.

As we are part of an extraordinary network of people connected by our medical professions ; this is a formative opportunity to build a relationship of mutual benefit to one another and to the medical profession. Our agency is a vital source of collaboration, inspiration and fulfilment as we advance in our medical careers.

I am grateful to all the renowned speakers for your participation by co-hosting medical training workshops with us, which helps achieve our goal in promoting exemplary quality and globalization of medical education.

Together, we ask you to get involved, help us learn more about you and what we can do to improve our medical profession. I hope to connect with all of you, too: through our website, email and events.

My best regards,

Dr. Talal Bokhamsin,


Consultant, Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery