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About Kingdom of Doctors (KOD)

The Kingdom of Doctors for Health Consultancy and the Kingdom of Doctors Center for Training and Health Development are seeking to be one of the pioneers of the continuous professional training and medical development industry in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Arabian Gulf, by providing developmental and rehabilitation training courses and programs aimed at raising the level of professional efficiency and improving the level of technical and administrative performance expected after Providing courses and training programs for all levels of education in various health, medical, technical and administrative fields.  We seek to develop the resources, training competencies and creative topics in the Kingdom of Doctors Center for Training and Health Development. We also strive to enhance the technical and administrative skills in the modern knowledge, adopting an organized training strategy based on the scientific method based on Proofs, and adhere to scientific standards to measure the impact of training for the training programs offered.

We believe that we should select educational & training competent and experienced trainers to provide the up to date courses, programs and topics in the field of training, development and human development to ensure the quality of services provided. The scientific committees undertake a study and survey of the needs of the medical, to create more contacts with health and medical institutions, universities and medical and administrative training centers with experience in the areas of Training to keep up to date with the movement of progress in the field of training and human development.  In order to facilitate the development of knowledge and experience for those who wish to develop and enhance their knowledge, skills and experience they required, we have launched in a steady step to bring together all those interested in training and development in the medical and administrative fields and facilitate effective communication methods for the quality of various training and development processes. The fruits of mature minds, excellent training, and creative experiences.

The establishment of the Kingdom of Doctors for Training and Health Development is one of the contributions of the Kingdom of Doctors for Health Consultancy, which is part of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030. The vision focuses on three axes, which are the pillars of comprehensive sustainable development. In its forefront is the social axis, which is to build a vibrant society with solid values ​​and solid construction. Here is the importance of training and development of human resources in medical and health capabilities to be able to improve the quality of health and medical services, and to build an effective health system that works in an innovative manner in line with the Kingdom’s strategy, vision and mission.

In addition, kingdom Of Doctors has expanded their line of services in the following areas: –

1- Post Graduate Coordination Services Center specialized in the healthcare sector dedicated in raising the level of competency and awareness within the field and the community.

2- CBAHI & JCI Quality Assurance for Health Facilities Training to Support healthcare facilities to pass the CBAHI & JCI Accreditation process by providing consultations, preparatory courses, surveys, Policies & Procedures in all standards.

3- Certified Basic Life Support Training Center (BLSTC) from American Heart Association (AHA).

4- Scientific & Medical Research Training Center, to support health and medical researchers to lead them for the premium scientific research papers.

5- Community Services Responsibility Department, to support the local community in several areas, such as health awareness campaigns and public presentations.

6- Electronic Learning Medical Center.

7- Medical Educational Training Programs Development Center.

8- Medical Board Preparations & Training Center.

In addition to that, Kingdom of Doctors has a joint venture agreement with several hospitals and medical training center certified and authorized from Saudi Commission for Health Specialties.



To facilitate healthcare practitioners towards fitting postgraduate opportunities, and to offer up to date, relevant and quality medical training through our Continuous Professional Development (CPD), and to spread primary healthcare awareness, all to develop and increase the knowledge, skills, and professional performance within the healthcare sector and the community. Offering consultation services and preliminary training to insure the readiness of healthcare establishments for CBAHI accreditation.


To be Leader and Excellence Medical Knowledge Hub In 2020, in providing and delivering training, education and continuous medical development in Saudi Arabia and in the Arabian Gulf through integrated and interactive services from one location.


  1. To provide a wide range of exemplary Continuous Professional Development (CPD) such as; conferences, workshops, simulates, and Maintenance of Certification (MOC) programs.
  2. To enable medical students and residents enrolled in post-graduation programs to sustain the required level of knowledge and skills needed within their medical specialty.
  3. To constantly grow and sustain our Research and Development Department (R&D) to maintain our knowledge base in a way that preserves its relevance with the current medical field.
  4. To build robust collaborations with international, well-respected academies and universities in the medical field that held in high regards, so that we may bridge them with those who seek both clinical and academic medical programs.
  5. To help starting local researches with their scientific tools and research methodologies and biostatistics through well-known local research centers in Saudi Arabia.
  6. To promote the primary healthcare awareness among the local community.
  7. To assess the establishment in relation to the requirements of CBAHI by experienced consultants and initiating a report to the responsible personnel after reviewing any previous, CBAHI reports if available.
  8. To prepare the healthcare facility so that the standards of CBAHI & JCI are appropriately implemented in its procedures, protocols and documents and making the necessary changes.



  • Collaboration & Cooperation
  • Quality
  • Commitment
  • Initiative
  • Creativity
  • Mastery
  • Social Responsibility


Why Choosing Us?

Our Certifications Are Accepted

Our Certifications accepted in Saudi Arabia and the GCCC. The Kingdom of Doctors Center for Training & Health Development certified & authorized by The Saudi Commission for Health Specialties.  The Health and Medical Training course materials and workshops is qualified trainers and instructors, who has the highest qualifications and experience created, based off the latest guidelines.


In Kingdom of Doctors, we provide the best value in medical training and courses. When you finish the training, you can feel comfortable having the knowledge to put these concepts into practice. You can also be confident that you made a sensible financial decision. We provide high-quality training materials.

Constant improvement

The end of medical studies does not mean the end of learning. Quite the opposite, with us we are providing you with basics for further knowledge and skills to enhance your knowledge.


We provide all the most up to date training materials possible collected from the most recent training documents and expert consensus. Basic and advanced life support training is important. You should choose a course that will prepare you for real life practice.




CBAHI & JCI Healthcare Facilities Quality Assurance

Training Center


The philosophy of the Kingdom of Doctors is based on the fact that training and field survey for the qualification of accreditation of health facilities is a process that includes strict, transparent and comprehensive procedure by experts and consultants specialized in the field of training and qualification for the accreditation of health facilities. The work team shall process the facility to test the systems, procedures, technical and administrative processes and evaluate the performance by the competent auditors and residents, to ensure that it is conducted in a manner that meets the national standards announced and issued by the Saudi Center for the accreditation of health facilities.

Accreditation Advantages:

• Provides a framework for the organizational and management structure that will benefit the directors and the staff of the facility.

• Helps to improve patient safety and reduce impending risks, adverse outcomes and medical errors.

• Enhances community confidence in the quality and safety of care provided.

• Provides health-care facilities with a useful and objective assessment of resident evaluators with internal clinical and management processes, as well as effective proposals aimed at further improving their operations and services to the community.

• Demonstrates (in the long run) increased efficiency and improved fragile practices, resulting in reduced waste and more optimal results with minimal resource consumption.

• Helps improve the competitiveness of healthcare facilities.


Our scope of work including the following: -

1)   Leadership (LD)

2)   Human Resources (HR)

3)   Management of Information (MOI)

4)   Medical Records (MR)

5)   Quality Management and Patient Safety (QM)

6)   Social Care Services (SC)

7)   Patient and Family Rights (PFR)

8)   Medical Staff (MS)

9)   Radiology Services (RD)

10)        Physiotherapy Services (PT)

11)        Respiratory Care Services (RS)

12)        Dietary Services (DT)

13)        Nursing Care (NR)

14)        Patient and Family Education (PFE)

15)        Provision of Care (PC)

16)        Anesthesia Care (AN)

17)        Emergency Care (ER)

18)        Critical Care (ICU – CCU-PICU)

19)        Operating Room (OR)

20)        Medication Management (MM)

21)        Infection Prevention and Control (IPC)

22)        Laboratory (LB)

23)        Facility Management and Safety (FMS)


Our CBAHI Consultants Team


Dr. Abdullah M. A. Ibrahim

Member of the European Organization for Quality, Head of Scientific Committee Healthcare Quality Conference in Bah-rain.

Dr. Abdullah M. A. Ibrahim

Director of Quality Management Department at Dhahran Spe-cialist Eye Hospital, JCI Accreditation Team Leader DESH.

Dr. Mohammed D. Al Ruwaili

Coordinator of N95 Program and Occupational Health and Safety Specialist at Ministry of National Guards Health Affairs.

Dr. Fouad F. Slim

Diplomate in Anesthesia ICU and Master of Hospital Admin-istration (London UK).

Dr. Husameldin El Hassan

CBAHI Consultant Quality Control Manager and CPHQ Certi-fied.


Our CBAHI Preparation courses include:

1-   Healthcare Accreditation

2-   CBAHI Essential Safety Requirements (ESR)

3-   Credentialing Medical Staff Members

4-   Medical Staff current delineated Clinical Privileges

5-   Policies and Procedures Guide to using Blood and its products

6-   Deep Venous Thrombosis Prevention in at risk Patients

7-   Correct Identification process of Patients

8-   Prevention of wrong Patient, wrong site, wrong operation.

9-   Anesthetists have appropriate qualifications

10- Qualified staff for moderate and deep sedation

11- Multidisciplinary committee for infection Prevention and control

12- Facility design support isolation practices

13- System for safety of (HAM) High Alert Medication

14- System for safety of (LASA) Look Alike Sound Alike

15- Process for significant medication error

16- Process for blood bank to prevent Disease transmission

17- Safety from radiation hazard

18- Medical gas systems properly maintained

19- Effective Fire alarm system

20- Fire suppression System

21- Fire exits in proper locations

22- Safety from fire and smoke to occupants

23- Leadership

24- Medical Staff and Provision of Care

25- Nursing

26- Quality Management and Patient Safety

27- Culture of Safety and Patient safety

28- Healthcare Quality- Tools and Methodologies

29- Healthcare Quality Improvement Training Program

30- Healthcare Risk Management

31- Patient & Family Education and Rights

32- Patient & Family Education (BFE)

33- Patient & Family Rights (PFR)

34- Anesthesia

35- Unconscious Sedation Training Workshop

36- Intensive Care Unit:

* Adult, Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (ICU/ PICU)

* Coronary Care Unit (CCU)

* Neonate Intensive Care Unit (NICU)

  • Operating Room
  • Laboure and Delivery
  • Hemodialysis
  • Emergency Room
  • Radiology
  • Burn Care
  • Medical and Radiation Oncology
  • Psychiatry
  • Specialized Areas:

* Respiratory Service (RS)

* Dietary Services (DT)

* Social Workers (SC)

* Rehabilitation Services (RH)

  • Ambulatory Care (AM)
  • Dental Services
  • Ambulatory Care Services
  • Management of Information and Medical Records

* Management of Information (MOI)

* Medical Records (MR)

50- Laboratory

51- Pharmacy

* Medication Management and Use

52- Facility Management and Safety

53- Emergency Preparedness Plan

54- Fire Safety Management

55- Haz-mat Management

56- Waste Management

57- Healthcare Facility Management

58- Security Management Program

59- Internal Disaster Management

60- External Disaster Management

61- Laser Safety

62- Hazard and Vulnerability Assessment (HVA)

63- Fire Drill Evaluation

64- Chemical Spill Drill

65- FMS Of CBAHI Standards (Explanation)

66- Occupational Health and Safety

67- Infection Prevention and Control

* Infection Control Plan

* Standard precaution

* Transmission based precaution

* Environmental Management

* Healthcare Worker Medical Check-up

* Infection Control in specific Conditions

* N95 fit and testing training

* Hand Hygiene Training

* Needle Sticks Injury Policy & training

* Medical PPEs Policy & training

* Quality and Infection Control in Dental Care

Additional Services provided by Kingdom of Doctors:


We are grateful to have a strategic partner who singed a collaboration agreement with us.  This partner has a license from Civil Defense to offer a preparatory service for the hospitals and healthcare facilities to be authorized by Civil Defense.


As it is mandatory by CBAHI to have a valid Basic Life Support Certificate, we offer various life support courses Such as, BLS, ACLS, PALS, NRB provided by Trainers licensed from the American Heart Association.


We also have group of several Health Courses that are certified by the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties to Qualify Healthcare providers such as Pharmacist Assistants, Optometrist Assistants and Psychologists.



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