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Who We Are

Introduction :

Since the establishment of the Kingdom of Doctors in 1436H, under the Commercial Register No. 1010433565 and the license to practice the profession No. 13174, we noted the importance of openness to the world and the transfer of scientific and medical knowledge expertise and health to the world of the Kingdom of Doctors.

Therefore, we offer educational and developmental training opportunities to assist in the advancement of educational process development training in the areas of health and medical management and health sciences and to expand the horizons and transfer the knowledge of international expertise to the Kingdom of Doctors to develop and improve skills to help you reach and excellence to the highest peaks.

This has been a driving force for us to conclude many agreements with several universities, colleges, research centers, associations, colleges clubs, student groups and scientific, medical and health bodies both in and out of Saudi Arabia.


What we are looking for?

The leaders in bridging knowledge needs with training, educational skills, knowledge and refining them in the health & Medical field in the Arab Region.


What we will do in future?

Excellence and promotion of the quality of CPD, consultancy and training services for health facilities for local and international accreditation standards, community participation, preparation and postgraduate studies, training and local and international medical health care.

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Our Goals

  1. Transferring scientific, medical, health knowledge and professional skills in all fields of interest within and outside the Kingdom
  2. Development the scientific thought in CPD in their health and medical fields and to develop the scientific, professional performance of the trainees
  3. Provide opportunities for practitioners and those interested in the health and medical fields to contribute to the movement of scientific and professional progress to raise efficiency and provide the necessary skills
  4. Advising and conducting studies and consultations in all medical and health fields in various medical establishments and institutions
  5. Contribute to raising of public awareness in public health through community Participation
  6. Hold conferences, seminars to discuss related issues in all medical and health fields
  7. Training and hand-on how to conduct scientific research in the medical and related fields. Also, in promoting the disseminating, distributing and exchange of the results of such research with relevant bodies and organizations
  8. Developing programs to qualify and train technical assistants in the medical and health fields to Contribute to the national transformation program for the resettlement of supporting jobs, qualified competencies and skills
  9. Providing advice, technical consultation, training and qualification for accreditation of various health Facilities in relation to health practices, activities and procedures
  10. Participation and participation in local and international exhibitions and seminars

Our Values

  1. Quality
  2. Cooperation
  3. Creativity
  4. Workmanship
  5. Initiative
  6. Commitments
  7. Social Responsibility
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