The following policies and rules apply to financial Claims for training fees refund: -

I- If the course is canceled for  technical  or administrative reasons by the Kingdom of Doctors, the full value of the course will be refunded to the trainee. Unless, otherwise the trainee requested to be kept as credit in his account for later use.

2- If the trainee does not attend the course day of the course, he is not entitled to be refunded.

3- The trainee is not emitted to refund the amount paid in full or in part and is not  granted any certificate of claim if the trainee withdrew on the first day of the session

4- If the trainee objects to the above-mentioned regulations and laws, he / she may file a complaint through the Financial Training Refund link. Your application will be answered within a maximum of Five working days and the process of retrieval, transfer or deposit will be completed after checking the data of your application within a maximum  period of fifteen working days.

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